Tips to Help You Excel at Cooking

January 15th, 2013 | Posted by EvanS in Uncategorized

Tips to Help You Excel at Cooking

Cooking with Limited Mobility- Space tasks throughout the day and rest frequently in between to help prevent injury or strain.

- Place what you need on a counter or in an easily accessible drawer or shelf.

- Read the entire recipe to be able to set a plan.

- Prepare foods when you have the most energy and stability to do it.

- Rotate tasks and positions to avoid strain.

- Use a wheeled cart to move items around the kitchen.

- Use a mirror to see in pots on the stove to prevent spilling hot foods and injuring yourself.

- For pots with one handle, use a camping pot holder to have better control.

- Only prepare what you can eat in one to two meals Cooking with Limited Mobility 1since cooking in bulk can be strenuous and time consuming.

- Keep a running shopping list to prevent forgetting to buy something and wasting time.

- At the first signs of strain, take a break to prevent a setback in your condition.

- For those with limited use of their hands, comfort grip weighted utensils can be purchased through ATS.  To see what products ATS has to offer Click Here!

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